Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Weeks At College

So I just finished my second week of college at Utah State. I have been enjoying my classes so far and surprisingly the dining hall. The campus is beautiful and my teachers are wonderful. I have mixed emotions about my apartment though.

I live in the LLC, which stands for Living Learning Community. Also known as the Rich Kid housing. when I signed up for it, I assumed was going to be a community of academically- minded  people considering it had "learning" in the title.

However, that is not necessarily the case. I've actually been spending most of my time since I've moved in trying to get over my prep prejudice. And believe me, I have a prejudice. Most of my suitemates are "nice" but kind of immature. And annoying sometimes.

Take last night for example. It was about 3:47 AM and my roommate and I were fast asleep when all of a sudden we heard someone shriek, "Hey (insert other suitemate's name)! Want to go to McDonalds?!" After they came back from said McDonalds run, the next half hour or so was filled with listening to their extremely loud, meaningless conversation.

Now I don't care if my roommates want to go to McDonalds at four in the morning. They can do whatever they want. However, isn't it just common curtesy to whisper, or at the very least not scream, after the hour of midnight? Maybe I'm just living in a dreamworld, where people actually care about not disturbing their roommates' sleep.

I think I'll get used to it though. I've mostly been enjoying my time, I just wish that I wasn't going to school so far away. I will be good for me though. Especially once I get my own TV.

Until next time...

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